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Community Partners

Community Partners

Throughout our 20 years in business, we have formed many bonds with our clients in improving access to training and AED access. Here are some of our clients who are taking the steps towards a safer workplace/living area and increasing the odds of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Hawaii DOT-Airports

The Hawaii Airport contract is one of our most sophisticated projects and is what brought our founder, Pamela Foster, to Hawaii from California. It started out with 100 Welch Allyn AEDs statewide at 13 different airports. In the first 45 days of the program, the save rate was 3 people surviving neurologically intact out of 3 cardiac arrests. This was a 100% save rate compared to 0% save rate prior to the AED program. To date, we have 303 AEDs across the 13 airports with 86 people people being saved. This brings our save rate to 85%. Out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in the community is around 10% in the state of Hawaii showing how unique and efficient our airport system is. As part of our contract, we provide free CPR/AED & Stop The Bleed training to the public at the airport conference center. We support the ARFF, Sheriff, TSA and other agencies at the airport in training, AEDs and medical direction.

Hawaii AED responders

Kapili Roofing

Kapili Roofing has been a big community partner and a client we hold dear to us. While watching a softball game, one of the company member's wife suffered a cardiac arrest. A member in the crowd had an AED and had luckily stayed later than they were suppose to. This person was able to recognize the situation and start chest compressions. The AED was used and the wife was saved. Due to this incident, for their 15th anniversary, Kapili Roofing bought and donated 15 AEDs to multiple organizations as well as sponsored trainings. You can read the story here.

Softball Save

Hawaiian Electric Company

Hawaiian Electric Company has been a long time partner with AED Institute. HECO has 200+ AEDs statewide on all vehicles that work with high voltage electric lines. HECO vehicles are always working in the community and are credited with 2 community member saves. HECO has a robust training system and is a registered training site offering their employees knowledge on CPR/AED & First Aid.


“It has been our pleasure to have the support and expertise of AED Institute for over 10 years. They have assisted us with instructor certification and recertification, the recent launch of our new B-con program, and the upgrade and maintenance of over 160 AEDs across multiple facilities and throughout our fleet. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and always responsive to our needs. Whether we require a loan of equipment, additional instructors, or maintenance assistance, we can count on AED Institute to be there for us."

Mindy, Hawaiian Electric

Other Clients

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