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Philips Onsite Adult & Pediatric Pads (Lot Number Y)

Effective March 22nd, 2023

There has been a problem noted with the Philips OnSite/HS1/Home Defibrillator and its Adult (M5071A) and Pediatric (M5072A) pad catridges with the Lot Number starting with a Y. It has been observed that there is gel separation from the foam/tin when the pad is peeled from the yellow plastic liner. The gel may fold onto itelf reducing the adhesive surface area on the pad or may separate completely.

You may view the official Philips letter here


HeartSine AEDs 350P, 360P, 450P

(Effected devices manufactured between 2016-2024)

HeartSine has issued a field corrective notification dated April 2024. The issue could prevent the HeartSine device from delivering instructional voice prompts to the user during use of the device. HeartSine Technologies recommends that the user carries out the check in described in the linked document (see below),

Step 6-Step 8, once every three (3) months.

This can be carried out quickly without removing the AED from its case.


Click on the link below the picture to see details of the Corrective Action and what serial numbers were affected.  To see if your AED is affected find the serial number on the PAD-PAK as described in the picture below.

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