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AED Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance program is a unique program in the industry that takes the worry from our clients. The worst fear is having an AED that doesn't work during an emergency. Our maintenance program is a comprehensive plan that will ensure your AED is properly maintained with pads and batteries. Check out below for more details.

***Additional details required for out of Hawaii Preferred Programs**

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- Send client automatic reminders via email 60 and 30 days before an AED accessory expiration date.

- Customer is responsible for purchasing and replacing the expiring products. Product must be purchased directly from AED Institute otherwise we cannot assist with warranty issues and future reminders.

- Upon replacement, Customer is responsible for notifying AED Institute to ensure account information is updated.


*No on-site inspections, in-service training, or product included.

Basic Program

with AED


Per AED Per Year

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-Designed for organizations who would still like to manage their own program but want to budget effectively.

-Prior to products expiring, new pad(s) and/or battery(s) will be delivered directly to Customer. Customer will be responsible for replacing the expiring product and notifying AED Institute upon replacement.

-The price of the product and shipping is included in the price of the program. Instructions on how to replace the product will be included in the shipment.


*No on-site inspections or in-service

training included.*

Standard Program

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-For organizations that need ongoing support and service.

- An AED Institute representative will schedule with Customer on an annual basis to schedule an AED inspection.

- Annual physical inspection will ensure that the unit is ready for use, replace any expiring products.

- An annual 30-minute in-service training is included in the Preferred Program. This can be held at the Customer’s location and open to an unlimited number of attendees.

* This is a knowledge only training and NOT a certification training where cards will be issued*

Preferred Program


Per AED Per Year

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