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Airport AED saves Washington state man

On October 1 while checking in at the Hawaiian Airlines (HA) ticket lobby Mr. Barrett a visitor from Seattle suffered cardiac arrest. Patrick Barrett and his wife Lois were wrapping up their Hawaiian vacation in Kona when the incident occurred at the airport. Ben Utrera, a porter with SAS, and Helen Kia, a Hawaiian Airlines ticket agent quickly stepped into action and began compressions.

Allied Security Guard Adam McMahon was quickly on scene and assisted in the compressions as well.By the time Kona Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighters arrived on the scene, they immediately used an automated external defibrillator (AED), saving Mr. Barrett's life.

Mr. Barrett had to spend a few days in the hospital, but this Sunday he and his wife will be going home to Washington State. He is scheduled to board a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Seattle on Sunday, October 10th. A quick fact, if you suffer cardiac arrest at an airport in Hawaii you have a 70% chance of survival, thanks to (AED) machines located at numerous locations in the facilities. If you were to have a cardiac arrest anywhere else in Hawaii your chance of survival falls to 8-10%.

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