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Summertime Prep

With the arrival of summer comes long-awaited time off and vacations but it’s important to make sure your safety equipment is ready for use! With more people outside, it’s important to make sure all of your AEDs are prepared and ready for use, in addition to  employees knowing how to use them.

The Significance of Summer Readiness for Increasing Outdoor Activities: 

People are more likely to go outside when it's warmer, which raises the possibility of situations that call for emergency medical attention. Having an AED on hand and ready to go, can save lives in such situations.

Unfamiliar Environments: 

Finding and using emergency equipment can be more difficult in unfamiliar places, such as parks, beaches, or vacation destinations. It's crucial to make sure your AEDs are in good operating order and are readily accessible.

Staff Absences: 

Regular employees who have received AED training may be absent during summer holidays. Ensuring that all personnel, particularly temporary or seasonal workers, are at ease and aware of how to use AEDs is crucial. Arrange for a brief review of AED skills for every staff member. 

How to Make Sure Your AED is Ready

Frequent Maintenance Checks: 

Make sure all AED units are in good working order before leaving on vacation. Make sure the device is in good operating order, the batteries are properly charged, and the pads are not expired. To maintain the equipment operating at its best, schedule routine maintenance inspections.

Update Your Emergency Contact Details: 

Verify that your emergency contact details are current. This will facilitate the prompt resolution of any problems that could emerge while you are traveling.

Visible Placement: 

Make sure AEDs are positioned in areas that are both highly visible and easily accessible. People should be directed to the closest AED by clear signage.

Disseminate Information:

Offer staff members close to AED units simple to read posters or cards with crucial reminders about operating the AED as well as step-by-step instructions.

Emergency exercises: 

Practice using an AED in real-world situations by conducting emergency exercises. In addition to boosting morale, this guarantees that staff members are equipped to respond appropriately and quickly in the event of a real emergency.

Making small preparations now can have a significant impact on everyone's summertime safety and wellbeing. Make sure your staff is prepared to respond and that your AEDs are in good working order before you leave. Have a great summer! 

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