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Community Events

We strongly believe in giving back to the community. It is the community members who will be the first responder at an emergency. To give back to our community will help spread the knowledge of how to react in an emergency. Here is just a few of the ways we have gotten involved in our community.


Over the years we have sponsored the class costs for hundreds of students expecting nothing more than for them to share what they learned. It is our passion to teach and spread knowledge. Most recently, we have developed our own curriculum (Community Responder Essenials) and as a way to give back, have made the class free for a 6 month period.



AED Institute has pledged thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies/equipment as well as monetary donations to various organizations over the years. We have donated AEDs to the Hawaii Heart Foundation to provide schools across the state of Hawaii as well as businesses, community groups and sports teams. We have donated 120 first aid kits and a few AEDs to the Department of Health for the Maui Wildfire Relief. We have donated $5,000 to the Hawaii Community Foundation for their relief efforts for the Maui Wildfire Relief.

Maui Wildfire Card Project
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