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It is our vision to save as many lives as possible through AED education, sales, and training.

80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen at home!
Are you prepared? 


HeartStart Onsite is the perfect home AED. It's easy to use with little or no training, provides verbal instructions from pad placement to CPR. With the chance of survival decreasing 10% for every minute without defibrilation, every minute counts! 

Have an old AED? Trade it in and receive $100-$300 off!

offer expires 6/30 

Customer Reviews


“It has been our pleasure to have the support and expertise of AED Institute for over 10 years. They have assisted us with instructor certification and recertification, the recent launch of our new B-con program, and the upgrade and maintenance of over 160 AEDs across multiple facilities and throughout our fleet. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and always responsive to our needs. Whether we require a loan of equipment, additional instructors, or maintenance assistance, we can count on AED Institute to be there for us."

Mindy, Hawaiian Electric

Our Clients

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